Diabetic kids heroically fight a nonstop battle, and now their most trusted companions can join in to fight this relentless disease together.

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About Us

Joe Kuelker,


Hi, I’m Joe, the founder of Tree bean LLC and HeroicKid.com.  I’ve successfully worked on some incredibly complex projects for numerous renowned companies, but nothing is as rewarding as the simple products featured on this page. The glee and satisfaction that radiates from my type 1 son’s face when he sees his favorite toys wearing replicas of his T1D medical devices is priceless. It’s my pleasure to provide this experience to other heroic kids.

These products are made by me utilizing my 3D plastic printer, scissors and custom tooling. It’s tedious but a worthy endeavor nonetheless.  If interest persist we will ramp up production and drive prices down, which happens to be my forte.

 We’ll also be featuring some other custom items which helped us cope, such as the glucagon hold and informative bag tags.